Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I wore: 8/12/08

Shirt: Gap
Skirt Old Navy
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Old Navy

I really like the look of a high-waisted skirt...really, of a high waisted anything, but I'm always terrified of wearing the look. As with a good number of women in the world, my stomach is the most hated part of my body and I try desperately not to draw attention to it. So I'm feeling rather self conscious about it. But I'm sticking with it! I actually switched out from the green belt to a much thicker grey one that covers the waistband of the skirt and hitched the skirt up a bit higher. I also...you're going to think I'm a nerd for this, but...put on a pair of control top pantyhose/shorts thingies. I love them a lot because they make dresses fall smoother when I'm worried about rolls on dresses that don't float away from the body. But why I'm saying this here is because I put them on after the photos were taken (honestly, why didn't I just reshoot? I can't rightly say...) and I tucked my shirt into them to smooth out the bulkiness it was creating underneath. Worked like a charm. I'm pretty pleased with myself on that count!

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