Saturday, August 30, 2008

Inspiration Friday/Saturday: Flight of the Conchords

1.  Sorry I'm so late on getting this published, my family dragged me by the ear to the beach before I could get a post up this morning and...well, we just got home.  So here I am.

2.  You may think I'm somewhat insane after you realize what I'm about to say.  It's ok, the truth had to come out eventually.

3.  There is the potential that this will be my last post before I leave for China.  I don't know if I'll have much time/the energy to post while I'm there, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a month or so!

Here's the deal: I have a fairly offbeat sense of humor. I'm a naturally awkward person and tend to gravitate toward comedy that's fairly awkward. Movies I like include Driving Lessons, Eagle vs. Shark (which stars Jemaine of FotC) and Step Brothers. Making fun of awkwardness by exaggerating it is hilarious. Which brings me to Flight of the Conchords. It's a show on HBO about two crazy awkward guys from New Zealand in an electro-funk band living in New York. Their manager is also a New Zealander and also wicked awkward. As is their one fan. Probably one of my favorite quotes from the show is "I'm not crying, it's just rain on my face. I was cutting onions 'cuz I'm making a lasagna...for one!"

I digress. What I'm bringing this to, obviously, is the way Jemaine and Bret dress. Like awkward guys with minimal style sense. And what they do have seems to have been gained in the early 1990s. I wasn't able to find a copy of it, but they did a great promotional shoot for the show in entirely denim outfits. It's hysterical.

As stated before, I'm awkward and fairly nerdy. I try to keep this out of my dress as much as possible. These guys don't.


I started styling a Polyvore set for the show, though, and came to realize that a certain amount of nerdiness is totally chic right now. Pegged jeans? Flannel shirts? T-shirts layered over long sleeved shirts? Argyle? Shit yeah! So I feel much better giving you this and still being able to hold my head in a somewhat not-totally-lame fashion.

Do you know how many times I used the word awkward in this post? Too many.

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