Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fall Wish List

It seems kind of silly to me to be thinking of fall already, when the weather lady said it's only going to be getting hotter this week.  But, I love Fall the best of all seasons, so I've been thinking about it a lot. 

So here we are with my season-specific items.  I rarely consider seasons when shopping, so my wardrobe changes very little as a whole.  However, this Fall there are a few key pieces I'm considering.

1.  Light scarf:  I know these are popular for the summer, but the idea of something around my neck is a little stifling.  However, for fall it seems perfect.  So soft and colorful in a season full of browns and purples.

2.  Colorful leather gloves.  Like Dior.  And Anne Hathaway in InStyle in July.  I like the throwback to the 60s, but with a slicker feel than those cotton gloves proper ladies wore.

3.  A Black Coat:  Shockingly, I don't own one.  I want a coat that isn't a statement coat, unlike my red and green coats.

4.  New School Bag:  I haven't had one since I was a freshman.  I'm sick of carrying uncomfortable totes for the sake of not carrying a backpack.  This one is very cute.  I love owls.

5.  Lace Tights:  YES!  I want a pair RIGHT NOW!  I think they'll look so cute over a pair of bright opaque tights.  Yummy.

6.  Squishy Flat Boots:  I've resisted these for so long, but I always see girls wearing them around campus and they're just so fucking cute.  They'll be great for an alternative to flats...turns out you can't wear flats every day.


Rox said...

I'd love to see people with colored leather gloves this fall (rather than the usual black). I'm seeking the perfect mustard yellow pair for myself... They'd go perfect with a blue vintage coat that I own.

Squishy boots look terribly cute and like they could be comfy. I'm finding the draw to be hard to resist!

Shay said...

great wish list. I want those tights too...