Thursday, March 6, 2008

3/5/08 and 3/6/08

Hey lovelies. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I got caught up in about a trillion other things. To make up for it, I have yesterday's and Today's images, followed by a special peek into my creative genius.

First, yesterday was a reasonable enough day. Had a headache for most of the day, as usual, but my ad group talked to Dave and it actually looks like our budget is pretty safe. So that's good.

I felt rather preppy in this outfit. It's alright. Not a miss, but definitely not like 100% awesome.

The whole outfit is from Old Navy. I really think they should be paying me for mentioning their name so often.

This makeup reminds me a lot of rainbow sorbet.

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC 25
Eyes: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas, MAC Eyeshadow in Samoa Silk and Posthaste, MAC Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black, MAC Plushlash in Plush Black
Lips: MAC Mattene Lipstick in Power Suit and Pro Longwear Gloss Coat in Clear

Today, I was having a really shitty morning, which included ruining 3 rolls of film, thinking my bike was going to fall apart, finding out my bank account was overdrawn and many other adventures. However, after freaking out and thinking I was late to a meeting at 12 and rushing down there only to remember that the meeting was at 12:30, I rescheduled the interview and took an hour and a half to have lunch with Monet, KRob (awful alias!) and Nat (even worse) and then go home for a bit before work. By the time I left, I was calmed down and the kids at work were reasonable. I listened to "Forest Whitaker" by Brother Ali, which could put anyone in a fantastic mood, I'm pretty sure. After work I found out that Atmosphere is playing in Portland on May 12!!!!! Then I had my interview for study abroad in China (which I think I landed!) and that went really well. But then I got home and was doing fine until I got a stomach ache. I went to the bathroom and ended up in there for an hour! TMI, I know. But I kept flashing from hot to cold and back. I'm waiting for my stomach to stop feeling like it's going to explode before I head down to the Sigma benefit concert which I was supposed to be at an hour ago. However, I just found out that PHC VOTED FOR US TO GO NATIONAL!!!! FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! This may not mean much to anyone who hasn't been listening to all of my inane ranting about it for over a year, but it is HUGE for Sigma. And as president, I'm at the head of it!!

So, anyway, today I wore:

Don't really like it. The pants are too big, the shirt is too small. All Old Navy, of course.

As per Maddi's suggestion, I wore blue eyeshadow today. I still feel clowny.

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC 25
Eyes: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas, MAC Eyeshadow in Pink Venus and Clarity, MAC Plushlash in Plush Black
Lips: MAC Lipgelee in Saplicious

And a sneak peek at what I think will be a huge trend this season:

Birthday T generation 1.

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Heidi said...

I love your dinosaur t-shirt.