Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I think I'm getting sick. I've been going back and forth between feeling well and feeling like curling up in a ball and dying for the last few days. Hopefully it'll pass and I won't be completely useless until after finals. I just feel so tired and achey...I think I'm going to lay around on my couch and watch tv.

However, I think I look pretty fucking awesome.

I really wanted to wear clean pants today. These were the ones I found. But these pants don't fit super well, so I needed to wear a loose top. I happen to LOVE this top, but I had a really hard time figuring out how to wear it in the winter. I literally tried on 4 different long sleeved shirts underneath it before I found this shrug. I wasn't very fond of this shrug before today because it's kind of a weird length, but I really like it with this top. Yes, I'll take today as a win.

Shrug: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Lane Bryant
"Shoes": Victoria's Secret

This is me looking incredibly confused about why my hair is so goddamn poofy.

Didn't wear foundation today. STOP THE PRESSES.

Eyes: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas, MAC Eyeshadow in Crystal Avalanche and Stars N' Rockets, MAC Plush Lash in Plushblack
Lips: Almay Ideal Lipgloss in Wine Shimmer

I'm outta here. And I still love getting random text messages.


maddi! said...

heyhey lady!

i don't know how often you check this thing. but i was lookin' through livejournal and i still wanna participate in your project thing...i'm sorta contemplating doing a 'daily outfit' sorta thing on flickr to document my own [failed] fashion attempts.

a really easy way to dress looks/outfits up is with make-up, and i see you wearing a lot of purple. thats awesome, it brings out the green in your eyes...another way to do that is with [dundundun] BLUE! its really easy to look like an eighties prostitute with blue, but if you get it really bright as opposed to dark, like maybe a narrow stripe of it and not all the way up to normal eyeshadow regions, or god forbid your eyebrows. i recommend MAC's electric eel or clarity.

i still wanna see you in skirts/dresses. i know eugene is cold and wet (or i assume, cause we are up here lately), but you can pair them with tights or leggings. you are guilty of a jean-slump. i love you, but you are jean-slumping.

Mini said...

Jean-slump?? how dare you! Ok, that's true. Honestly, I don't have much other than jeans. 3 dresses and 2 skirts...one of which is BRIGHT RED and I tend to look ridiculous when I wear it. However, just for you, I'll wear a dress tomorrow.

And thanks for the makeup tips. I do love purple eyeshadow, it's true. And I also love clarity, I'm working on not looking like a hooker when I wear it.

Maddi said...

yeah, its all about using just a little of it and leaving it really really bright. if you try to blend too much, you look like our moms in the eighties.