Saturday, March 29, 2008


My apartment is clean, I am +a few good songs in my iTunes and I like all the people I met for my China trip today. Generally good.

Yes, you can see a tattoo on my right hip.

All the clothes are Old Navy
Shoes: Converse

And for some reason, my computer isn't willing to upload images anymore. Fucked up. So you don't get makeup shots. Oh well. I went to my China GTF's apartment and made dumplings and chit-chatted with a couple people going on the trip. In a little while, I'm going to go to Rennie's with the usual suspects.

Today I've been really into The Beatles and Beatles covers today, which is strange. I didn't listen to them growing up (my parents were too young to have listened to them when they were popular, so it wasn't something they played all the time) and now when I hear them, they seem...lacking. I know that's blasphemous, but I think there's something missing. However, I usually like covers so obviously there's something to it. Anyway, I put a few songs from the Across the Universe soundtrack, a With a Little Help from my Friends cover by Joe Cocker (the Wonder Years theme) and a couple originals on my iPod. I feel slightly more hip for it.

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