Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, today I woke up at the ungodly hour of 10am to the bank calling me...unfortunate.  I opened a second account yesterday and apparently when I signed my paperwork, it didn't match the signature on my license.  No big deal, I went down and fixed it, but I had definitely intended to sleep longer.  The toilet is broken, the tank is draining like crazy, so the whole peeing thing is interesting.  I found that out when I woke up this morning.  Oi.  But, so I showered and put this together:


Top, Shorts:  Torrid
Flip Flops:  Victoria's Secret

I work for introDUCKtion (freshman orientation) doing a little panel about drug and alcohol use and abuse on campus.  Apparently we "glorified" or "glamorized" drinking and doing drugs at our last panel, so we got called in an hour early today to talk about the appropriate way to answer questions---which really feels like we're supposed to demonize substance use on campus rather than address safe ways to use rather than abuse.  But...whatever.  I got really worked up about it and I think upset my boss because I didn't bite my tongue for the first time in my life.  I told her it was like teaching abstinence only sex ed and then being surprised when students get pregnant.  BUT on the walk home, after I talked to my boss and the other people on the panel, I talked to another guy who's just in it for the money and...I realized I was getting worked up over nothing, really.  These kids don't care what we have to say, anyway.  I know I wouldn't have, if I'd gone to my orientation.  So whatever.

The weather is cooling down, thank goodness.  I'm sitting on my porch because I tend to lose my connection inside the apartment and I could put a sweater on.  A sweater!  This won't last for long, I'm sure, but hopefully through tomorrow.  We're going to an Ems game and I'd love to not feel like I'm melting through it.  

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