Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm very wearable today. Which is not to say that I ever even come close to dressing in an unwearable way, but I feel especially utilitarian today. I woke up this morning after 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep and pulled the first two shirts I touched out of my closet and a pair of jeans out of my laundry pile. This is what resulted.

Now that I'm more awake and in a better mood, I'm going to head over to Target for some essentials (you know, like face wash) and probably browse the clearance rack. Last time I was there, Mike wouldn't let me because it was "closing time" and the cashiers "wanted to go home." Of course, he reminded me of how pissed I used to get when I was a cashier at Target and people would come up like 15 minutes after closing to check out. So, guilted away from the clothing section, I didn't feel completely satisfied with my venture. Hopefully today will be more fruitful.

Cardigan: Old Navy
T-Shirt: Pink by Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Converse

I love days when I don't have to work or sit through four hours of Flash tutorials.

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