Monday, April 14, 2008


Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for my closet. I realize I never posted a gallery of my clothes outside of myspace and I do apologize for that. I'm pretty much just lazy. But look for pictures of items I'm getting rid of tomorrow or the next day. If any of you are crafty in spirit and think you could take my ugly clothes and turn them into something pretty, you're welcome to them.

Today was/is the first day of Greek Week 2008 at the University of Oregon. For this week, we have a different attire guideline for every day. Today was pin attire day. I felt like a damn fool all day because I didn't see anyone else in pin attire for the three hours I was on campus, but then when I was walking home, there was a Kappa Kappa Gamma wearing fancy clothes, so I felt much better. However, It was raining today and I didn't bring a coat. Which is to say that it's been sunny and beautiful for the last couple of days and when it was sunny this morning when I took Bruno on his walk, I assumed it was going to get warmer. The weather was the same going to class, then when I got out of my first class, it was dumping rain. What the fuck?! I hate wearing pants in the rain because the hem always gets wet and capillary action sucks the wetness up my legs and it's generally uncomfortable. Bleck. I think I'll wear a skirt and leggings tomorrow if this keeps up.

Shirts: Old Navy
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Victoria's Secret

I saw a girl on campus today using crutches. She had a boot on her foot, so obviously she'd broken something, but it made me feel better. As I wasn't using my crutches today, I just hobbled off, but I felt better just the same.

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