Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, this morning was another "Really? I have to get up?!" morning. I had a test at 8, though, so yes, I did have to get up. I didn't think I'd be into this outfit when I put it on and even when I wore it to class, but I've come home and taken a shower and gotten dressed again (same outfit. I was only wearing it for like 2 hours, I figure that's clean enough to put back on) and now I'm looking at the pictures and in fact, I do like it. It reminds me of why I bought these pants: they're fabulous!

Cami: Torrid
Sweater: Bitten Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve and Barry's
Jeans: Gap

The makeup I didn't wear to class, but I put it on after I showered and I'm wearing it now, so you get to see it, too!

Obviously I'm not photoshopping these, otherwise that GIANT ZIT on my forehead would be gone!

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC 25
Eyes: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas; MAC Eyeshadow in Aquadesiac all over and Post Haste in the corners; Technakohl Liner in Graph Black and Plush Lash in Plushblack
Lips: MAC Cremestick Liner in Mother Pearl; MAC Lip Glass Lipgelee in Saplicious

I still need to go to work, and then I have a staff meeting and a meeting with my ad group. It's another busy day!


Heidi said...

I think you should put up pictures of your friends when they dress especially well. This way we can all learn to dress less ridiculously. And if you see people's outfits you like you can take pictures of them like the creeper you are.

Mini said...

True story. I am hella creepy. And if by "friends" you mean I should start stalking you and documenting your every outfit, I'm in.

Megan said...

Stalk me too!

Heidi said...

please do follow me around and take pictures of me. While you're at it you can narrate my life for me.