Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today, it is FREEZING COLD in my apartment. That's not entirely true, I can't see my breath, but the thermostat says it's like 58 degrees. Unpleasant. However, I tried to go to the gym today and when that failed because it was closed, I rode my bike around the SUN (South University Neighborhood) for 20ish minutes. I even found the old Tri-Delt house, which I've been searching for for about a year. I liked it. After showering and watching 2 episodes of family guy online (shut up, shut up, shut up) I got dressed, blow dried my hair and came up with this:

I'm really not sure how I feel about the whole damn thing. Especially the boots. I LOVE these boots, but I have yet to find an appropriate way to wear them. I've worn them several times with jeans, but that's just lame. It doesn't give the full awesome-ness of the boots. Opinions?

White T-Shirt: Old Navy
Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Tights: Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl's
Boots: Victoria's Secret

And of course, my favorite moment: The makeup!

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC 25
Eyes: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas; MAC Eyeshadow in Pink Venus and Amber Lights; MAC Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black; MAC Plush Lash in Plushblack
Lips: MAC Lip Glass Lipgelee in Lu-Be-Lu

I have a monster of a headache. Oh my god...

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