Sunday, February 24, 2008


Quick synopsis of why this blog exists, I'll elaborate more in the future, but in short I'm having a crisis--the 20/80 wardrobe. I wear 20% of my clothes 80% of the time. I'm sure you know this story. In fact, this could easily be your story. So my project is 3-fold. One, I post pictures of what I wear daily. Two, I post pictures of what I would like to wear. Three, I post pictures of clothes I own. You get to comment and give suggestions. Pretty much, you can dress me. Capiche? Cool.

Woke up this morning at 10 and while I didn't really want to get up, I couldn't get back to sleep. I needed to meet my ad group at 12, so I was going to shower sometime before 11:30 in order to be able to get ready and be on time. I was dinking around on the internet at like 10:30 when Mike called and we talked for about an hour, so I didn't have time to shower! I didn't feel ready for the day at all, and actually I never really shook that off. So this is my "where's my coffee" pulled together at the last minute outfit. I feel ridiculous. Megan says it would be cute if I was wearing a different long-sleeved shirt. She's just a hater, she doesn't like the sharpie on the shirt. To be honest, neither do I, but it came that way and when I bought it all I wanted was something comfy and warm. This satisfies both of those requirements.

Didn't wear makeup today, so you don't get the joy of a close up on my face.

Long-Sleeved Shirt: Old Navy
Tank Top: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy

All I did today was spend a couple of hours at the library putting together a team report, then pretty much watched TV and laid around on Megan's floor. There were brief expeditions to Old Navy and Rite Aid, but the majority of the day was lazy and tired. Just the way I like it.

"I say you he's dead!" Oh, family guy.

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Megan said...

May I say that there are 650 things I like about this post. 1) your name is Mini. 2) I am a hater. And fly. FLY. 3) Family Guy 4) I get to look at you