Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, Mike informed me that I looked ridiculous in the boots with that dress. He was correct. I still want to figure out how to wear them! It's a quest. So I changed into this:

And ended up staying the night at his place, so this is in fact what I'm wearing right now, too. Kind of sloppy. I kind of like it, though.

Cami: Q & A from Meier and Frank (Now Macy's)
T-Shirt: Dear by Amanda Bynes for Steve and Barry's
Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Old Navy

I'm going to get out of here. I need to go to the library, take care of some other business.

1 comment:

Maya said...

I really like this combination. If you were wearing black bants (or black jeans) instead of those it would look really elegant besides already looking good.