Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Desperately Seeking

I've had an overwhelming desire to wear tights for the last week. I don't know why, the weather hasn't really cooled down enough to call for them, but every morning they call to me from my hosiery drawer. This morning, I caved and put on a pair of purpley-pink tights with a black dress and brown cardigan. (No pictures, thanks to me losing my camera cord in China.) I thought a pair of heels would polish the outfit off nicely and since I was headed to school, I would need to wear wedges rather than an actual heel. When I looked at my (shockingly extensive, for never having really cared about footwear) shoe collection, I realized something very depressing. I only own 2 pairs of closed-toe heels and they're both stilettos. I really wasn't in an exposed-toe-seam-with-sky-high-wedges place this morning, so I went with a plain pair of flats, but I was presented with an interesting problem: are there closed-toed wedges out there in the world? Ones that wouldn't look like I'm a prostitute (with a normal shoe shape put on a 5-inch-wedge just for the sake of being on a wedge) or some kind of weird geriatric lady with a fetish for being taller (I found a pair of wedge Keds...). I set off into the world and found that it's hard to find closed toed wedges and even harder to find ones that fit my criteria, but they do, in fact, exist! I polyvored up my favorites:

Bow Wedge Shoes by Oli: A nice size heel, a girly bow, a color that goes with everything. These are great.

Teal Wedge by Ami Club Wear: I love the color! And while the heel is high, the toe platform is low enough that they don't just look like a pair of buckle flats stuck on a wedge for posterity. Mostly, I'm in love with the color, though!

Peanut Round Toe Wedge by Christian Louboutin: What isn't to love about these. I need to start saving my financial aid so I can afford a pair of Louboutins. I like the lacquered look of these shoes.

Blue and White Studded Wedges from Rockit: I like the modest wedge and the muted palette with a hint of rock-and-roll chic with the flat studs.

Sporty Stripe Applique Sneaker Wedges by Asia Jam: Remember a few years back when Lacoste had sneaker wedges with just one strap and a big ol' button? These remind me of a cutsied up version of those. Plus they'd be great with a super casual outfit and I'm all about super casual.

Black and White Stripe Round Wedge Heel: I just find these interesting. I little L.A.M.B. like, I think. Totally wearable with some skinny jeans.


My Fashion Frenzy said...

I like the black and white striped shoe. Interesting.

lopi said...

You should check out Camper. They have many closed-toe-wedge options and are famous for being super-comfy!

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

You are right, the world needs more closed toe wedges! I would like a nice shiny pair in patent black for winter.